Jun 26, 2013

Haldiram's (Chowringhee)

Haldiram's Chowringhee Kolkata
Haldiram's Ground Floor Interiors

This Haldiram's outlet at the Exide and Rabindra Sadan crossing has become a landmark over the years. Ever since it has opened its door, people of all age group have been coming to this place in numbers. Spread out, fully air-conditioned and spacious, it has got ample sitting space, allowing a huge number of people to be present at a time. Well maintained decor and counters allow smooth cruising even in rush hours. There's a balcony and a lower sitting area.

pure ghee sweets shop at Kolkata Haldiram's
Haldiram's Sweets on display
The self service system helps avoiding space crunch by doing away with waiters and also keeps the queue moving. Thought it serves only vegetarian food, you will be spoiled for choices owing to the variety of items available.

luchi choalr dal bengali cuisine at Kolkata restaurants in Rabindra Sadan
Luchi Cholar Dal
The menu is divided into various categories owing to the type of food and their price. The most pocket friendly items are the snacks.

Then there are dhokla's and chats. The crispy and tasty samosa's and kachori's are priced at Rs.12 per piece. Famous for its various types of chats, Haldiram's have kept the price reasonable.

raj kachori chat haldirams chowringhee Exide Kolkata
Raj Kachori chat
The famous kachori chat and papri chat are the most sought after. Served with dahi(curd), chutney's and other salty and savory toppings, it will fill the mouth and tummy. For those who are looking for something different to fill up their stomach there is paw bhaji, chole bature, luchi cholar dal and club kachori.

Masala dosa South Indian Cuisine food at Kolkata haldiram's chowringhee
Masala Dosa
The batore or fried bread served with chole is huge in size and two of them is enough to satiate a hungry stomach. South Indian specialty's like dosa and idli is also available here. The Chinese combo meals or thali's are a good deal as they are priced at Rs.80 and serves an assortment of noodles, rice, and two types of side dishes.

Indian Vegetarian nan thali at haldiram's chowringhee
Naan Thali

For foodies who dig  Indian cuisine there is an Indian thali too. It serves a nun or roti, polao, dal makhani, side dish and pickles.

The best part is that all the food items are priced below Rs.100 and they tickle the palate to a great extent. other than these salty and spicy foods there are a huge variety of sweets available in Haldiram's.

chinese Vegetarian thali noodles fried rice at haldiram's chowringhee Rabindra Sadan
Chinese Combo Meal Thali

Not to forget the famous kulfi with faluda, kesari malai and lassi. Other than normal soft drinks the normal lassi and flavored lassi's are a big hit. No matter what ever the occasion is, do find out an excuse and visit this place.

dahi phuchka chat kesar ras malai at haldiram's chowringhee AJC Bose Road
Phuchka chat, Pastry and Kesari Ras Malai
hot gulab jamun sweet shop at Exide haliram's chowringhee
Gulab Jamun, Black forest pastry
kesar ras malai and kulfi with faluda at halidram's chowringhee near AJC Bose Road
Kesar Ras Malai and Kulfi with faluda

Location: 58, Chowringhee Road, Exide More (Crossing), Kolkata - 700071
Contact No.: (+91)(33) 30520022, (+91)(33) 22821359

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Menu (Food Items with Price – Tax Inclusive)
Samosa – Rs. 12 per piece
Kachori – Rs. 12 per piece
Paneer Pakoda – Rs. 16 per piece
Baby Corn Cutlet – Rs. 20 per piece
Paneer Dhokla – Rs. 260 per kg – Rs. 28 per plate (2 pcs)
Masala Dhokla – Rs. 220 per kg – Rs. 24 per plate (2 pcs)
Plain Dhokla – Rs. 180 per kg – Rs. 20 per plate (2 pcs)
Idly Dhokla – Rs. 14 per piece
Raj Kachori – Rs. 53 per plate
Dahi Vada – Rs. 44 per plate
Dahi Puchka (6 pcs) – Rs. 44 per plate
Papdi Chat – Rs. 44 per plate
Kachori Chat – Rs. 44 per plate
Samosa Chat – Rs. 44 per plate
Batata Puri – Rs. 44 per plate
Bhel Puri – Rs. 44 per plate
Chinese Bhel – Rs. 44 per plate
Puchka (6 pcs.) – Rs. 26 per plate
Paw Bhaji – Rs. 76 per plate
(Extra Paw – Rs. 16 per piece)
(Extra Bhaji – Rs. 48 per bowl)
Chole Bhature – Rs. 68 per plate
(Extra Bhature – Rs. 22 per piece)
(Extra Chole – Rs. 44 per bowl)
Luchi Cholar Dal (Pure ghee 4 pcs.) – Rs. 38 per plate
Club Kachori Sabji (5 pcs.) – Rs. 30 per plate
South Indian:
Masala Dosa (Pure ghee) – Rs. 66 per plate
Plain Dosa – Rs. 52 per plate
Idly – Rs. 46 per plate
Toast Veg Sandwich – Rs. 66 per plate
Veg Sandwich (Grilled) – Rs. 66 per plate
Cheese Sandwich (Grilled) – Rs. 72 per plate
Toast Cheese Sandwich – Rs. 72 per plate
Pizza / Burger:
Vegetable Pizza – Rs. 70 per piece
Cheese Pizza – Rs. 70 per piece
Vegetable Burger – Rs. 44 per piece
Chinese Combo Meal (Fried Rice, Chowmein, Veg Manchurian, Chilli Potato, Salad) – Rs. 80 per plate
(Extra Chowmein – Rs. 44 per bowl)
(Extra fried Rice – Rs. 44 per bowl)
(Extra Veg Manchurian – Rs. 40 per bowl)
(Extra Chilli Potato – Rs. 40 per bowl)
Indian Thali:
Rumali Thali (1 Rumali or Tandoori Roti, Dal Makhani, 1 Sabji, Peas Polao, Pickles, Onion) – Rs. 88 per Thali
Nan Thali (1 Butter Nan, Dal Makhani, 1 Sabji, Peas Polao, Pickles, Onion) – Rs. 88 per Thali
(Extra Rumali or Tandoori Roti – Rs. 20 per piece)
(Extra Dal Makhani – Rs. 44 per bowl)
(Extra Sabji – Rs. 44 per bowl)
(Extra peas polao – Rs. 44 per bowl)
Lassi in AJC Bose Road Haldiram's

Chole Bature Vegetarian dishes restaurant at Exide Rabindra Sadan
Chole Bhature

Vegetarian Restaurants in Exide Rabindra Sadan Haldirams Kolkata
Haldiram's Balcony Interiors

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Haldiram's Sweets

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Papdi Chat

Paw Bhaji vegetarian food in South Kolkata
Paw Bhaji

Puchka pizza chat vegetarian dishes food cuisine at South Kolkata Haldiram
Pizza, Puchka & Chat

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